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Adrian Eaves’ abstract paintings are explorations into, as well as odes to the expressive qualities of mark making. He deploys a variety of marks in mixed media onto the surface, with phenomenal colour and physicality. Lines, dots, circles, spirals, signs, drips, spray, splashes, framing, gluing, etc. coalesce to form knots, clusters, black holes. Every single mark is different from the last. Just like a word, each is imbued with its own intrinsic meanings and opens up uncharted creative possibilities as it combines with others to form sentences and stories. As such, Adrian Eaves creates a vocabulary for painting, which he is always looking to expand. Each mark is carefully premeditated and positioned according to mathematical patterns, while the physical application is vigorously gestural and lets go of everything, in an abstract expressionist style. Fibonacci spirals and the rule of the golden ratio, triangles and matrices anchor the compositions to better let the imagination run wild.


Born in 1975, Adrian resides in Hackney, London.

His home in Capileira, Spain, provides inspiration, together with regular visits to Southern France and Belgium.


  • The Old Falmouth Town Hall - Summer Exhibition Group Show 1997

  • Pop Up Gallery, Sicilian Avenue, London - Solo Show July 2013

  • 119 Lower Clapton, London - Solo Show June & July 2015

  • 119 Lower Clapton, London - Solo Show June 2017

  • 119 Lower Clapton, London - Solo Show June 2018

  • 'Inside Stories' at Garage Cosmos, Brussels, Belgium - Solo Show September 2022

  • All My Friends, Hackney Wick, London - Solo Show Feb - May 2023


  • BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting - Loughborough College of Art & Design

  • PGCE KS2/3 - Exeter University

  • Level 6 Leadership & Management - Chartered Management Institute

  • MBA Educational Leadership (International) - Institute of Education

  • MBA Business (Consultancy) - Bournemouth University - Distinction

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