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A collection of paintings created with passion


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Born in 1975, Adrian resides in east London.

His abstract works are often multi layered, textural, thick with paint.​ Each mark made is different from the last, and the marks made before it partially remain to illuminate the journey. As a result, Adrian can be seen to paint in the moment - the present, but he respects the past and the results are paintings that are full of energy, depict the transcendence of time and bring to light images of memories once had. 

His home in Capileira, Spain, provides inspiration, together with regular visits to Southern France and Belgium.

His works have sold internationally and can be seen on permanent display in Capileira and London.




The Old Falmouth Town Hall - Summer Exhibition Group Show 1997

Pop Up Gallery, Sicilian Avenue, London - Solo Show July 2013

119 Lower Clapton, London - Solo Show June & July 2015

119 Lower Clapton, London - Solo Show June 2017

119 Lower Clapton, London - Solo Show June 2018

Upcoming Exhibitions


Garage Cosmos, Avenue des Sept Bonniers 43, 1180, Brussels, Belgium - Duo Exhibition - Date to be set dependent on when Coronavirus is no longer an issue